Quite simply there are millions of your potential clients who use the internet, whom you will not be able to reach by any other medium without spending a lot of money. There are 51.4 million internet users in the UK alone and 2.2 billion in the world as a whole (Find these statistics and more at Internet World Statistics). To reach an equivalent audience by other marketing means would be staggeringly expensive compared to the set-up and running costs of web site. 

As you would expect the Internet population is generally well educated and affluent. They either own a computer or have access to one. In the UK, we have the highest per capita spend in the world, totalling 68.2 billion online in 2011. This continues to rise annually in spite of the recession (find these statistics at IMRG). 

So a web site allows you to convey your products/services to the marketplace without the  expense of salesmen, mailshots, leaflet printing etc. And access a wider client base without additional overheads, but reap the rewards that investment would have brought you. 

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Benefits of a Website