It is estimated that upto 85% of a web sites traffic comes from search engines. Everybody else either saw it advertised somewhere, were recommended to it by a friend or already knew of your business. When you think about this you realise that practically everyone of these visitors has actively shown an interest in your product/service. Most frequently by typing a search phrase into a search engine that describes your product/service e.g. tax accountants.

Consider the implications of this fact. Almost every visitor is what a sales person would call a 'hot lead'. They want what you are selling!! So as long as you have a well designed web site that sells your company and makes it easy for the customer to purchase, the business is sure to follow.

Compare this to other forms of advertising - radio, adverts, flyers, brochures etc. How many flyers would you have to distribute just to get one genuine lead? How much would it cost you to get a thousand genuine leads? Hundreds/ thousands of people genuinely interested in your product/service are looking for your business on the internet everyday. To get an indication of the amount of people searching for your product/service click here.

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